3 Best Multi Channel Ecommerce Platform Solutions Every Marketer Must Know

Ecommerce Platform Solutions

The best multi channel ecommerce platform solutions can improve your marketing activities by synchronizing the marketing functions! Read and discover the 3 best multi channel platforms!


Regardless of the size, each and every business is discovering different ways to connect and engage with potential customers. Their marketing strategies are continuously evolving and it is challenging for both business owners and marketers to keep up with the mediums for brand exposure.

The best multi channel ecommerce platform solutions can improve your marketing activities and strategies by synchronizing the marketing functions, helping marketing teams to focus on accomplishing the goals, nurturing leads to close more sales, and increasing revenue.

It became time-consuming and challenging for any retailer or business owner to strategize, control, and execute the multi channel marketing strategies successfully. By adopting a credible multi channel ecommerce platform you can ease your marketing efforts. We highly recommend you to check these ecommerce marketing platforms that every retailer and marketer must know:

  1. Adobe Marketing Cloud – This is a very popular and powerful platform suitable for B2B companies that generate online leads. It is known as a user-friendly solution that integrates with your external CRM system. This multi channel ecommerce platform is designed to optimize customer data, manage marketing campaigns, and automate marketing strategies across different channels such as email, direct mail, and social media. If the tool is not implemented or used properly, it may give you false information.
  2. Bronto – This is an exclusive multi channel ecommerce platform ideal for retailers and B2B companies. It delivers targeted emails, social media campaigns, mobile, and much more. It helps business owners by providing solutions for management of transactional emails, shopping cart abandonment, and etc. This platform can help you create a scalable database and effective marketing campaigns that will reach more customers and potential buyers.
  3. Intercom – This platform is usually used by small and mid-sized businesses such as startups and public businesses. This platform is known as a customer communication solution with multiple integrated products for sales and marketing team, for product presentation, and customer support. The best thing about this platform is that it allows a target communication via emails, mobile applications, and websites.

New platforms can have a huge impact on the way businesses communicate with their target audience and how they promote their brands across numerous marketing and sales channels.

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